Nintendo has announced a new fitness-based game called Ring Fit Adventure, and it launches exclusively for Switch on October 18. Ring Fit Adventure comes with a circular “Ring-Con” controller and leg strap you put your Joy-Cons into. Then you control your character in the game by doing physical exercises. Ring Fit Adventure has 20 worlds to explore and many enemies to defeat using 40 “fit skills” you learn as you play. These involve various movements and stances, including yoga poses.If you could use some exercise in your gaming life, you’ll probably want to know where you can preorder Ring Fit Adventure and how much it costs. We have you covered below, so read on.

Preorder Ring Fit Adventure

  • Get it at Amazon – $79.99
  • Get it at Best Buy – $79.99
  • Get it at GameStop – $79.99

No Preorder Bonuses


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No preorder bonuses are available for the game at this time. If that changes, we’ll update here. For more information about the gameplay and how the fitness controls work, watch the video above.

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